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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging for Energy Analysis

Thermal Imaging has provided a breakthrough in our ability to determine energy losses through heat.

Thermal imaging, also known as thermography, uses an infra red camera to show a temperature map of an object differentiated by colour.

Because heat radiation, and therefore energy consumption, is directly related to temperature, it is possible to determine the points of high energy loss in objects or buildings.

Handheld IR Thermal Image Camera

Unfortunately IR thermal imaging cameras are too expensive to be owned domestically.

Although prices have fallen substantially over recent years, the price is still measured in thousands of dollars rather than hundreds.

Thermal imaging devices are widely used by professionals in a variety of industries both for energy monitoring and for safety monitoring.

The ability to detect hot spots in, for example, rotating machines enables faults to be detected and future failures predicted.

Thermal Imaher in use

Handheld thermal imager in use

Picture from Fluke inc