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This site seeks to provide some useful information on the single topic of electrical power saving and electrical efficiency in domestic electronic devices.

General energy efficiency and green energy is a vast subject for which there are many diverse information sources available.

Those interested in finding out more can use a search engine to target information on particular subjects.

The following are some examples of information sites that may prove useful:

Renewable Energy and Efficiency (USA):

Renewable Energy Association (UK):

The Energy Saving Trust (UK):

Alternative energy in the home (UK):

Sunelco renewable energy classroom:

Energy Saving Secrets (UK) - saving money and the environment:

Educate people of the consequences of the greenhouse effect:

The Country Shopper directory:

Use solar power to get off the grid:


Safety and Health Consultants:

Twitter Networking:

Jobs in Renewable Energy:

Piano Restoration:

Green Living:

Dog Training:

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Any web sites from which specific information has been included is acknowledged by including it within the links on this page or elsewhere on the site.

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