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Saving energy for a better tomorrow

Saving energy, saving money, saving the environment

Reducing electricity consumption in electronic devices

This site provides information and advice on methods for reducing the power consumption of electronic devices.

Lower power consumption offers lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint, with less harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.

The site concentrates on electronic devices such as TVs, audio systems and games consoles, but includes useful information on lighting, heating and general electrical appliances.

Basics of Electricity and Power Consumption

For those with a limited knowledge of electricity, and the ways that different types of equipment use electrical power, the Electricity Basics page will prove useful.

Standby Power

Many electronic devices are designed to be put into a "standby" mode rather than switched off completely.

Although the power used in standby may be relatively low, the 24-7 useage can result in significant total power consumption over time.

The Standby Power page provides advice on how to assess standby power levels and ways to reduce or eliminate it.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike larger electrical devices such as refrigerators or washing machines, most electronic devices provide no information on their electrical efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency page provides useful comparisons of energy efficiency along with links to other sources of information.

Electrical versus Electronic

What do we mean by Electrical rather than Electronic ?  This page explains and provides some links to information relevant to the electrical devices which are not the focus of this site.

Power Measurement

Often it is not possible to find out how much electricity a piece of equipment is using from printed or web information.

There are now easy to use low cost devices which measure this for you.  This page provides some information on these devices.

Renewable Energy

The other side of the energy efficiency coin is electrical generation.  Renewable sources such as wind, tide and solar provides electrical energy with zero carbon emissions and no depletion of the earth's natural resources.

The Renewable Energy page provides links to some useful information for understanding more about renewable sources and home power generation.

Power Station at Chapelcross

Cooling towers at Chapelcross power station.  Photo - Ian Britton. 

Daisies near Torpoint, Cornwall

Wild daisies near Torpoint in Cornwall.